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The Company

The Company

Cantine San Marzano was founded in 1962 when 19 vinegrowers from San Marzano di San Giuseppe, from families tied to the land for generations, banded together to enhance their work. Today the growers are 1,200 owning over 1,500 hectares of vineyards in total. Led by Francesco Cavallo, the company has been able to not only adapt to the change in the Apulian wine sector, but also play a leading role within this change, promoting a real cultural revolution, pursuing the modernisation of the company structures, and developing an increasingly expert, young and specialised team.

Wine production

The wine production takes place in San Marzano di San Giuseppe (Taranto, Puglia), in the heart of the Primitivo di Manduria DOP region, and makes use of innovative, state-of-the art technology. It is here that our prestigious and distinguishable wines are born. These wines find their place in approximately seventy markets, both international and local: markets where San Marzano has become synonymous with Primitivo.

The Brand

Masseria Pietrosa is a range of first-rate wines that whispers of Salento, of its dry stone walls and trulli, of the beaten earth paths that wind through rugged valleys and rolling hills, sun-drenched and thirsty.
Masseria Pietrosa highlights the contrast between the red of the soil and the white of the limestone that peeks out from the surface. It speaks of the spirit and soul of Salento that displays its vivid colours under the powerful southern sun: a breathtaking spectacle for onlookers.
Masseria Pietrosa tells of a region that, now more than ever, is fully realising its wine-growing potential; a region that draws us in with the charm of its bountiful, rich fruits.

The Region

We are in the southernmost tip of Puglia, in Salento, where the vineyards stretch out between rocky cliffs and limestone outcrops. An ancient and secluded landscape where rock seems to prevail over the other elements. We are in the heart of the Primitivo di Manduria DOP region. Travelling along the narrow strip of land that stretches between the two coasts of Puglia, the landscape changes: from the height of the clay hills that give the white grapes their refinement, to the wild dune habitats of the Ionian coast, where the soil is red, being rich in iron oxides, nurturing old trees with exquisite red berries.